chapter  18
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Working class heritage without the working class: an ethnography on gentrification in Ciutat (Mallorca)


In July 2010, I attended a talk that took place in a newly opened bar, in a building that once housed the oldest business in Es Barri and in Ciutat: Ca la Seu.4 Ca la Seu closed down two years ago, but for over almost 500 years, one could buy products made out of wicker, esparto grass and rope there. They even manufactured some of these products. Its name derives from the shop’s provision of all sorts of manufactures to the Cathedral.5 However, most of these artefacts are now either no longer in use, or far too expensive when locally produced. The elderly Monserrat family, which had owned Ca la Seu for most of its business life, gave up the business since there was not a new generation to take over the running of the shop.