chapter  6
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Transformative Consumer Research in Developing Economies: Perspectives, Trends, and Reflections From the Field

ByCliff ord J. Shultz, II and Stanley J. Shapiro

If consumer research is to be truly transformative on a large scale, it must address big challenges that systemically impede or facilitate consumer well-being. Developing economies present such challenges in abundance. In this chapter, we provide an overview of the economic development literature. Encouraged to provide examples from our own empirical studies that might provide fresh and maybe even inspirational insights, we discuss some active research streams in several developing economies. Our review and analysis suggest inherent di% culties and controversies in this ! eld, while also revealing opportunities for consumer researchers to further economic development and, ultimately, enhance consumer well-being. We emphasize that prolonged engagement of research teams, conducting multiple studies of consumers and their consumption environments, and policy change, rather than any single study, are most likely to have a dramatic impact on the development of any given country or region, and consumer transformation therein.