chapter  7
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Hope and Innovativeness: Transformative Factors for Subsistence Consumer-Merchants

ByJosé Antonio Rosa, Stephanie Geiger-Oneto, Andrés Barrios Fajardo

Given the importance of creativity and innovativeness, it is not surprising that research pursuing a more profound understanding of factors that a ect these human traits would be included in a tome on Transformative Consumer Research. In addition to giving rise to products and services that can facilitate communications, enhance living conditions, facilitate more e% cient and e ective use of talents and abilities, and bring healing and comfort where sickness and misery might otherwise prevail, exercising innovativeness is in itself transformative and for the most part bene! cial to consumers. More o" en than not, innovativeness brings about timely solutions to consumption and survival problems, and even in instances when procured solutions are short-lived or ine ective, the sense of well-being that being innovative engenders can have a lasting positive e ect on people. For Nitza (quoted above), innovativeness is transformative.