chapter  12
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What Welfare? On the Definition and Domain of Transformative Consumer Research and the Foundational Role of Materialism

ByJames E. Burroughs and Aric Rindfl eisch

In his widely lauded 2005 presidential address to the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), David Glen Mick (2006) o ered the stark observation that the consumer research ! eld had done very little to enhance the welfare of consumers. Mick’s pronouncement contained a certain degree of irony, as one of ACR’s founding principles in 1973 was to promote consumer well-being (Kernan, 1979). Over the past 4 decades, ACR members have produced an impressive body of research on consumer behavior. Unfortunately, little of this research has bene! ted consumers themselves. In short, the hopes and aspirations of the ACR as an agent of change have not been realized.