chapter  17
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Transformative Consumer Research for Addressing Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

ByCornelia Pechmann, Anthony Biglan, Joel W. Grube, Christine Cody

For eons, millions of people have consumed and enjoyed alcohol and tobacco, and there are pharmacological and psychosocial bene! ts to consuming alcohol (Varlinskaya & Spear, 2002) and tobacco (Geier, Mucha, & Pauli, 2000). However, the preponderance of scienti! c evidence has indicated that alcohol abuse and most tobacco use lead to signi! cant health problems, and marketing encourages use of both products (Davis, Gilpin, Loken, Viswanath, & Wake! eld, 2008; Martin & Mail, 1995). # is chapter will summarize research about the e ects of alcohol and tobacco marketing, particularly on youth but also on adults. In addition, we will summarize research on the regulation of marketing and the use of social marketing (demarketing) to help consumers, especially youth, make better decisions regarding alcohol and tobacco consumption.