chapter  8
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Adult Scientifi c Literacy and Its Surveys in China since 1992


In China the issue of public scientifi c literacy has been considered an important component of the status of the nation and is valued greatly by the Chinese government. National surveys of public scientifi c literacy based on internationally adopted methodology have been performed seven times since the 1990s. Trying to fi nd approaches and strategies to enhance Chinese public scientifi c literacy is the aim of these surveys, which have shown the trends and status quo of citizens’ scientifi c literacy, provided statistical support to government and relevant departments for decision-making, and facilitated the study of the issue. As a consequence, studies on surveys of Chinese public scientifi c literacy have positively contributed to government policy-making, resulting in the promulgation and implementation of the Law of People’s Republic of China on Popularization of Science and Technology in 2002[1] and the Outline of The National Scheme for Scientifi c Literacy 2006-2010-2020 [2] (hereinafter referred to as the Outline) in 2006, which have in turn promoted the development of public scientifi c literacy. National surveys of scientifi c literacy have therefore exerted profound infl uence on Chinese society.