chapter  14
Gambling on Life and Death: Neoliberal Rationality and the Films of Jeffrey Jeturian: Bliss Cua Lim
Pages 27

Committed to exposing the ways in which the personal is always crosshatched with the social and the political, fi lmmaker Jeffrey Jeturian’s most memorable work traces the relentless conversion of all forms of social experience into economic transactions. In interviews, the Filipino fi lm director has distilled the essence of his feature fi lms: “personal, intimate stories that say a lot about our social and political realities,”1 resulting in an oeuvre that offers a sustained consideration of commodifi cation: the commodifi - cation of sex (in Pila Balde [Fetch a Pail of Water], 1999), of traumatic life histories (in Tuhog [Larger than Life], 2001), of love (in Bridal Shower, 2004), of news reportage (in Bikini Open, 2005), of death, grief, and hope (in Kubrador [Bet Collector], 2006). Asked to comment on the thematic of commodifi cation in his fi lms, Jeturian has remarked that such transactions reveal of relations of exploitation and oppression.2