chapter  2
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Analyzing the Chairmanship Offi ce: Functions and parameters of effectiveness

Very much as the literature review in the introductory chapter has indicated, there are many different ways to approach the chairmanship offi ce, providing different insights as regards its role, functions and raison d’être in multilateral negotiations. Regardless of their inductive or deductive methodology, all relevant works share one common element in that they point out the inherent complexity of international multilateral negotiations, which serves as the starting point for the analysis of the chairmanship offi ce. In other words, there seems to be a convergence as regards the origins of the institution, deriving primarily from the need to resolve issues associated with the organization and running of negotiations. Thus, either implicitly or explicitly, the overwhelming majority of relevant work acknowledges to a large extent the functional origins of the Chair, adhering to its emergence as a means to address structural dysfunctions in multilateral negotiations.