chapter  6
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Reading Dance, Performing Research: Meaning, Interpretation, Context, and Re-contextualization in Dance Performance and Research: Shrinkhla Sahai

New methods of dance research are constantly emerging and building new discursive practices, theoretical paradigms and restructuring ways of studying, analysing, articulating, and performing dance. The engagement of the dancer and the researcher with performance space, the dancer’s body and movement vocabulary are direct articulation of the cultural moorings of the object of research as well as the method of research. While dance is culturally coded, reading dance through research is also based on hermeneutic and discursive codes. When the method and means of doing research change, the meaning of research also transforms. Therefore, while on the one hand, the concept, codes and meaning of ‘dance’ are fundamental research questions, the meaning, value and use of research is itself a changing notion that is expresses cultural and institutional affi liations.