chapter  1
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Reflexivity and the Diaspora: Indian Women in Post-Indenture Caribbean, Fiji, Mauritius,

BySouth Africa

Here I wish to distance myself heuristically from the “objectifying reflexivity” contained in the latter two contexts — the national and international scenarios of discourse on diaspora — and focus instead on the “culturally subjective reflexivity” (although in a deeper sense, as we shall see, there is no dichotomy between the two forms of reflexivity). As such, the reflexivity that I am going to explore, initially besides my personal trajectory, is that of the diaspora-based “Indian” scholars and the non-Indian “others” who have broached the interpretation of diaspora. This is as a methodological prolegomena for the discussion of Indian women’s agency in post-indenture Caribbean, Fiji, South Africa, and Mauritius. I have chosen these localities because they represent the “old” diaspora or the PIOs.