chapter  6
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Social Security for Rural Migrant Workers in China: Current Coverage, Institutional Design and Policy Suggestions

ByDewen Wang, Yongtang Ma, Changyou Zhu

This chapter discusses how to extend social insurance schemes to rural migrant workers in China. We rely on several sources of representative survey data to describe the current social security situation of rural migrant workers and the characteristics of those who participate in different schemes. Combining this sample survey information with qualitative fi eld investigation, we examine the underlying reasons for the low participation of rural migrant workers in social insurance schemes, the linkages between social security coverage and labour contract enforcement, and the importance of institutional design in extending social insurance schemes. We emphasise that institutional reforms will be necessary if these schemes are to protect rural migrant workers. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different pilot schemes, we propose a framework for designing social security programmes for rural migrant workers.