chapter  5
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The changing family and HRM


This chapter examines general environmental trends, specifically globalization and technological advancements, as well as labor market factors such as the changing demographics of the workforce, and how these changes affect employees as well as HRM. It focuses on what organizations and HR professionals can do to help work-life integration for employees; however, it is also important for employees to help themselves. Families were structured such that males were the primary breadwinners. Because the structure of the organization and the family were well defined, little ambiguity existed over roles and there was very little flexibility in the system. The United Nations and the EU have impacted policies regarding work-family issues such as the stated emphasis on societies' responsibility to provide childcare for employees as well as the importance of both parents sharing the responsibilities of work and family. The chapter concludes with some specific guidelines on how HR can help the employee and the organization to better adapt to the changing workforce.