chapter  9
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Counterproductive leader behavior


This chapter refers to counterproductive workplace behavior (CWB) as intentional/volitional behavior enacted by employees and viewed by the organization as contrary to its legitimate interests. It calls for an expanded perspective on CWB such that the behaviors of leaders are integrated into the extant literature. The chapter explores the role of leader, current conceptualizations of CWB, how leader misconduct relates to the latter, and how HR can deal with it. It presents some guidelines on how organizations can address counterproductive leader behavior. The chapter clarifies the construct domain of counterproductive leader behaviors and calls for an integration of the literature on CWB and ethical behavior in leadership roles. It provides a general theoretical background from these areas and briefly reviews the empirical literature on the antecedents of CWB. A number of guidelines were also suggested to HR practitioners. The chapter marks the beginning of integration between disparate literatures in industrial and organizational psychology and those from management.