chapter  11
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The Future Getting Beyond Mastermind in the National Curriculum

HMI asked for a 'broad', 'balanced' 'coherent' curriculum: indeed those three words, which represented the growing professional consensus of the 1970s and the 1980s are perhaps appropriate criteria by which to judge the efficacy of the early experience of the National Curriculum. Superficially, the proponents at the time of its introduction argued that the three core and seven foundation subjects, together with the legally-required religious education, represented such breadth, balance and coherence. It is, of course, difficult to know what HMI actually thought about the legislated proposals because they were, by that time, too closely involved in its introduction and it was, after all, essentially a politically-inspired design: but it isn't too difficult to guess that they found some strain in reconciling what was essentially a very traditional and anachronistic view of the curriculum with their own more thoughtful

approaches involving areas of experience and some of the ideas expressed in the Curriculum Matters series.