chapter  9
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ByD. Anderson

Over the last twenty years, teachers have been offered increasing numbers of suggestions about what or how they should teach. These curriculum innovations range from systematic curriculum packages of theories, perspectives, materials, aids and training to brief notes of advice. They include research reports, Department of Education and Science circulars and books on the curriculum. In this chapter I mention especially the following: Health Education 5-132 , Health Education 13-183 , Schools Council/Nuffield Humanities Project4, Schools Council Research Study, Mass Media and the Secondary School5, Schools Council Moral Education in the Secondary School6/ Schools Council Religious Education in Primary Schools, PES Memorandum Health Education in Schools8, and Stenhouse, Teaching about Race Relations9 . The chapter is then about proposed changes in what we might call the soft side of the school curriculum. How should teachers react to these proposed innovations? Critically I suggest.