chapter  7
Secret History (Procopius, ca. 500–ca. 554)
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Best known of early Byzantine historians, also last and greatest historian in the classical tradition of the ancient world, Procopius came to Constantinople from Palestinian Caesarea (now modern Israel) in 527. Knowledge about his early life is skimpy, but it seems he had a good education, studied and practiced law, and was good with languages-Attic Greek, Latin, and Aramaic. For many years he was secretary, legal advisor, and confidant to Belisarius, the general commanding armies of the emperor. Thereafter he held other official posts in government for some 20 years, and even received the title illustris from the emperor. Despite prominence in Byzantine politics, military affairs, court life, and culture, it is unknown what happened to him later or when he died. His monument is seven volumes in the Loeb Classical Library.