chapter  50
The World of Odysseus (M. I. Finley, 1912–1986)
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Moses Israel Finley had duel national roots. He was born in New York City and died a British citizen. Higher schooling was at Syracuse University and Columbia University. A master’s degree was taken in public law and a doctorate in ancient history. He taught at Columbia University and at City University of New York before taking a post at Rutgers University, from which he was dismissed during the communist witch hunt of the early 1950s. He took the Fifth Amendment when asked by a Senate Committee if he was or had been a member of the Communist Party. Unable to find a teaching job thereafter he moved to Britain in 1955 and taught classical studies at Cambridge University. He became Professor of History in 1970, Master of Darwin College in 1976, a Fellow of the British Academy in 1971, and a knight of the realm in 1979. He wrote extensively on social and economic issues in the classical world.