chapter  6
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Bringing Cassirer into Organizations

In this chapter, I propose that both neurobiology and empirical studies of expertise mainly focus on individuals detached from formal organizational contexts. I contend that good individual practice does not necessarily secure good organizational practice. However, studies of expertise tend to show that experts are better than novices at interpreting the situation, and they have more strategies from which to choose in the situation at hand. Thus, if one wishes to educate profi cient managers, it is necessary to develop the capacity to “see” organizations correctly. Doing so requires multiple forms of knowing, according to Cassirer. I discuss what Leonardo da Vinci’s Saper Vedere (to know how to see) might imply when taken into organizations, how the eye of science and the eye of art may be combined, and the challenges we face if we want to develop management curricula that are based on the combination of science and art for which Cassirer was a spokesman.