chapter  7
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The Institution as a Symbolic Form

In this last chapter, I discuss if we can regard the modern institution as a symbolic form and, if so, what we can gain from assigning such a role. I show how bureaucratic logics have become a metastandard for organizing, and how this metastandard molds the way we experience and behave, not only in, but also outside institutions. Seeing the institution as a symbolic form may help us (a) see the strengths and the weaknesses of institutions’ specifi c levels of refraction and particular logics, (b) see how different symbolic forms coexist and infl uence behavior in organizations and how we may gain a better and more realistic picture of organizations if we become profi cient in understanding organizations through different forms, and (c) develop curricula that are more realistic. I close the chapter by discussing how pluralism may lead to unity and the need for bringing the best of the humanities into management education.