chapter  17
If Writing Has to do With Desire, What ‘Kind’ of Desire Is That? Between Jacques Lacan and Gilles Deleuze
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Climbing the stairs to the top of the scholarly world one must pass through many levels. Three of these levels can be easily distinguished: bachelor, master and doctoral. To move from one to the other a kind of ‘passport’ is needed. These are, respectively, a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree. This ‘passport’ is a measurement of one’s involvement, perseverance, determination, skills, abilities and potential. The ‘passport’ thus marks the efforts undertaken. It takes a signifi cant period of one’s life to make it across the borders. In all cases, however, what is required is a written text: a paper, a thesis, is a sine qua non of being fi nally granted the ‘passport.’ Not to diminish the importance of the bachelor’s and the master’s phases, the doctoral one-commonly referred to as a PhD phase-requires, in my opinion, special attention.