chapter  7
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Reorientation and reinduction to study


There are three common misnomers that reinforce the sophomore slump experience. First, there seems to be an acceptance across the sector that students must experience the sophomore slump or mid-term blues as a rite of passage when at university. Second, it is assumed that the characteristics of the sophomore slump are just restricted to a student being halfway through their degree rather than them occurring at anytime during their studies. It is also important to recognise that the description of the sophomore slump relates to the symptoms of stresses and problems a student can face and not the causes. Third, the approach of many institutions is that once a student has gone through their first year of study, whether as a part-time or full-time student, they should automatically know what to expect both in terms of academic requirements and support available in the upcoming levels of study. To effectively support students through the transition process across the different levels requires these misnomers to be discarded and a new approach adopted.