chapter  12
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Student evaluation and feedback


First, it is important to understand and define what we mean when we talk about student evaluation and feedback. On the one hand, we may mean feedback from students that helps us evaluate and improve the educational experience. This is the deliberate focus for this chapter and a critical facet of the Student Experience Practitioner Model. As noted in Chapter 1, this happens on a daily basis at different levels of scale. On the other hand, ‘student evaluation and feedback’ could relate to the feedback provided to students that informs their study behaviours and patterns of engagement, or more directly responds to their performances on tasks they have completed for the purpose of assessing their learning progress and achievement. The case studies reported in this chapter reflect both meanings, although (deliberately) none focus on the assessment of student learning directly. Thus, for example, you will see that in Case Study 39, feedback provided by students is used to both improve teaching and programme design through targeted interventions, and to feed information back to students in ways designed to help guide and support their learning. In contrast, Case Studies 37, 38 and 40 report on a feedback process primarily from students to academics.