chapter  11
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Surplus approach to value and distribution and structural economic dynamics: Interpretation and uses of Sraffa’s analysis: Enrico Bellino and Ariel Luis Wirkierman

Introduction The re-statement of Classical economic analysis put forward by Sraěa (1951) gave rise to intense discussions in the following decades. The sharp break with the Marginal method andWKHRU\ZRXOG¿QGLWVIRXQGDWLRQDOVWDWHPHQWLQProduction of Commodities by Means of Commodities (Sraěa 1960). The theory of value and distribution had to be re-examined through the Classical lens Sraěa proposed, recalling, to a certain extent, what had happened with the theory of output more than two decades before, with the appearance of Keynes (1936).