chapter  6
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Vigilant, Resilient and Transformative Change from 0 to 60 in Less than the Time Needed To Bat an Organisational Eye: Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton

ByMick Johnson, Alison Burrowes

Editor’s introduction This chapter demonstrates how staff at Thornleigh Salesian School, a Catholic high school in Bolton, developed programmes which were based on the concept of multiple learning styles to encourage their children’s independent learning and thinking skills. The school also engaged with the Personalised Learning Agenda through programmes which focused on developing students’ ‘learning to learn’ skills, providing a new Year 7 curriculum which was characterised by deep learning, cross-curriculum activities and flexibility in timetabling, the use of new technologies and significant school redesign and organisation. It has embraced the personalised learning and thinking skills (PLTS) agenda too, but in a manner which has enabled it to take ownership of that initiative.