chapter  10
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Jankó, a Case Study of Dyslexia in Hungary: Éva Gyarmathy


Jankó is a lively boy of 10 who is slight of build and possesses an inquisitive nature. He is very talkative and highly sensitive. He is an engaging child who selected his own pseudonym for his case study, which is also the name of a Hungarian folk tale hero, Erős (Strong) Jankó. During the break in the interview, Jankó played basketball using a crumpled-up piece of paper and aiming at the upper spring of the door. When the “ball” got stuck up there, he would not pull up a chair so as to reach it easily. He kept jumping up with a small stick he found in the room until he fi nally managed to push the crumpled paper out. His chances of success in this case were very low, but he was sure he could do it. It seems that whatever Jankó sets his mind on, he can accomplish. The only place this does not work is school.