chapter  2
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Felix, a Case Study of Dyslexia in France: Gilles Leloup and Liliane Sprenger-Charolles


The defi nition of dyslexia used in the present chapter is the one presented by Lyon, Shaywitz, and Shaywitz in a seminal paper (2003). That defi nition, currently used by the International Dyslexia Association ( ne.html#revised) and based on the last 30 years of research on typical and atypical reading acquisition (for reviews, see Lyon et al., 2003; Sprenger-Charolles, Colé, & Serniclaes, 2006; Ziegler & Goswami, 2005, 2006) describes dyslexia as being a specifi c learning disability that results in unexpected reading diffi culty characterized by problems with accurate and/or fl uent word recognition which typically results from a phonological defi cit. Felix’s case is an excellent illustration of that defi nition.