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ByVictoria Lyon Bestor, Theodore C. Bestor, Akiko Yamagata

This Handbook is intended as an interdisciplinary reference work for a broad international audience of those interested in the culture and society of contemporary Japan – university-level readers, professionals, and the general reading public seeking accurate information and thoughtful perspectives. To serve that end we have assembled a distinguished group of twenty-two international contributors of diverse disciplinary backgrounds, whose current research and teaching specialties span broad arrays of topics on contemporary Japan. Contributors to the volume include Australian, European, Japanese, North American, and Southeast Asian scholars of Japan, all of whom have engaged in extensive fi eldwork in Japan during their lengthy research careers. Since the Handbook is intended primarily as an introductory resource for readers who are not specialists on Japan, the majority of the contributions are from non-Japanese scholars who are regularly engaged in the cross-cultural translation and analysis of Japanese culture and society for non-Japanese audiences.