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Who is the New Traditional Woman?

In the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, women had to spend enormous amounts of time in the activities that literally held the family together such as cooking, cleaning and sewing. Feminists like to blame everything on men, or on male-dominated society, as they call it. Women are second class citizens, they say, because men degrade women. But it is important to put things in the correct perspective. Women earn 59c for every dollar earned by men-you have heard this quoted as a rallying cry. Macho feminism has deceived women in that it convinced them that they would be happy only if they were treated like men, and that included treating themselves like men. The form of traditional values is a system of moral norms which, once well defined, are taken to be without exception. Consequentialist ethics are commonly taught in the public schools today and indeed in far too many churches.