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Essay Against feminist fundamentalism

The battle lines have been drawn for a number of years between "anti-pornography" feminists and what in the United States are called "libertarian" feminists. Anti-pornography campaigns tend to make pornography the cause of women's oppression, and the central issue for feminists. Anti-pornography campaigners, however, refuse any possibility of ambiguity, relying instead on an immediate gut response. Moral crusades can unify a group or a movement, but the anti-pornography campaign has been incredibly divisive for feminists. The National Council for Civil Liberties seems blissfully unaware of the way in which the pornography issue split and divided the women's movement, as a direct result of which, a national women's movement ceased to exist after 1978. The anti-pornography campaign uses the methods of fundamentalism. The anti-pornography campaign is another obsession; it is a fixation on one tiny corner of the terrain.