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The Failure of Feminism

WithKay Ebeling

The reality of feminism is a lot of frenzied and overworked women dropping kids off at day-care centers. Post-World War II women were the first to be left with a lot of free time, and they weren't too creative in filling it. Perhaps feminism was a reaction to that Brainless Betty, and in that respect, feminism has served a purpose. Women should get educations so they can be brainy in the way they raise their children. Women can start small businesses, do consulting, write freelance out of the home. The economy might even improve if women came home, opening up jobs for unemployed men, who could then support a wife and children, the way it was, pre-feminism. Child-support payments might pay for a few pairs of shoes, but in general, feminism gave men all the financial and personal advantages over women.