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Sex Unwanted

The ruling is an outgrowth of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That prohibited employers from discriminating in hiring because of an applicant's race, religion or sex. Like the laws against discrimination because of race or sex, this one will prove hard to administer. For women, the tougher policy of the commission should mean a lot of teasing and greater equality as well. It is against government rules to specify that males or females are preferred when job vacancies are advertised in America. An exception is to be made for those jobs necessarily limited to one sex or the other—models for women's clothes, perhaps, or coaches for boys' football teams. But in general, starting last Sunday, employers, employment agencies and newspapers which carry "help wanted" advertising must either avoid mentioning sex or be ready to prove that it is the actual demands of the job, rather than prejudice, that gives a job a sexual classification.