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A "Progressive" Movement Holding Sexuality Hostage

WithMarty Klein

One way that sexuality is being constructed as dangerous is through the increasingly broad definition of sexual trauma. If men and their disrespectful passions represent dangerous sexuality, Rape Crisis Feminism represents control and safety. The Morning After is nothing less than an ethnography of the way young women are socialized into today's sex-negative, victim-oriented campus feminist culture. In 1986, Katie Rolphe entered Harvard as an undergraduate, the feminist daughter of a well-known feminist. With a compelling narrative style and engaging eye for detail, Rolphe describes the institutions of this socialization at colleges across America—date rape seminars, Take Back The Night marches, rape whistles, women's bathroom walls, and ideologically constructed statistics. Integrating the reality of sex—with its true risks and rewards—is an adult developmental task requiring years of psychological work. The fantasy of risk-free sex is attractive, but it eliminates this possibility.