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Medical Librarian 2.0: Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in Reference Services

WithM. Sandra Wood

In less than a decade, the Internet has become a routine part of most people's lives. What is truly amazing, though, is how this service has revolutionized almost everything that do, from sending mail (e-mail versus snail mail) to banking, shopping, meeting and making friends, and more. Librarians have been at the forefront in using the Web. Once the potential of the Web was recognized, electronic services such as the online catalog and electronic databases were moved quickly from local and CD-ROM based services to online availability via the Internet. Libraries developed their own Web sites, creating links to heavily used resources to facilitate easy access for their users. Many librarians, especially those new to the field who have grown up with computers, have been quick to adopt Web 2.0 technologies. Other librarians may be just beginning to look at how these tools will impact their ability to provide new services.