chapter  17
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Word Reading in Bulgarian Children and Adults

ByArmina Janyan, Elena Andonova

The Bulgarian language is alphabetically codified in the Cyrillic script. The current form of the script for Bulgarian has been reached after a series of alterations throughout the past nine centuries, the most recent one being the orthographical reform in 1945, which attempted to create a more optimal phoneme-grapheme correspondence. The Bulgarian alphabet consists of 30 letters, and the Bulgarian phonological system consists of 42 phonemes (36 consonantal and 6 vowel phonemes). There is a one-to-one fit between the six vowels and six letters of the alphabet. Twenty letters represent consonantal phonemes; many of these have a soft (palatalized) and a nonsoft version. Three letters stand for the single expression of combinations of sounds, and one letter is not pronounced but serves to indicate softness in the preceding consonant.