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Collections-Bank libraries often show collection characteristics more like public libraries than like special libraries ; i. e., rather than having a very narrow but deep subject interest, they frequently have a broad and shallow topical approach. Bankers rarely want the de­ finitive study on a subject; more often, they want to become con­ versant quickly on a topic, are interested in the outlook for an area, want trends or statistics or need to know what the competition is do­ ing. Banks these days include not only bankers but also financial an­ alysts, investment analysts, real estate analysts, economists, agrono­ mists, petroleum engineers, management scientists, programmers, software engineers, attorneys, insurance specialists, market research specialists, industrial psychologists, CPA's, auditors, designers, purchasing agents, lobbyists, speech writers, tax accountants, statis­ ticians and security guards. Supporting that many specialists re­ quires a broad collection.