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Banking and Finance

in Canada I. Dysart

Many collections within special libraries provide their users with information from the fields of banking and finance. The following libraries are such examples: Imperial Tobacco Ltee Bibliotheque Centrale in Montreal (established in 1938), Canadian Pacific Ltd. Corporate Library in Montreal (1972), Maclean Hunter Ltd. Li­ brary in Toronto (1945), Macmillan Bloedel Ltd. Corporate Library in Vancouver (1968). There are also substantial banking and finance collections within the libraries of insurance companies, stock ex­ changes and chartered accounting firms. In addition to collections within special libraries, many public libraries maintain very good collections of banking and financial materials. These include the Metropolitan Toronto Library Board, Central Library Business De­ partment (established in 1941), the Calgary Public Library, Busi­ ness and Science Department (1968) and the Vancouver Public Library, Business and Economic Division (1951). Banking and fi­ nance collections are also found in university libraries such as the McGill University, Howard Ross Library of Management in Mon­ treal (1942), The University of Toronto, Faculty of Management Studies Library in Toronto (1960) and the University of Western Ontario Business Library and Information Centre in London (1961). This paper, however, concentrates on Canadian chartered bank

collections and also includes the collections of federal government agencies, an association, trust companies, a credit union and a num­ ber of investment houses. Credit unions, as well as some loan com­ panies and trust companies, are provincially regulated. The finan­ cial collections found within the appropriate provincial government department libraries are not included here.