chapter  12
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Language, Identity and Public Sphere in Haiti’s Diaspora: The Evolution of the Haitian Creolists’ Internet Network


The development of community media has been central to the Haitian diaspora’s ability to maintain community ties and to organize socially and politically over the years. Since the 1960s when large numbers of political exiles fl ed Haiti for the United States and Canada, newspaper and radio have been the major community media used to sustain transnational ties. These media have helped to establish a fi eld of communication that has provided crucial information during critical periods of Haiti’s tumultuous political history. At the same time, however, newspaper and radio are limited in their capacity to support discussion and collaboration beyond the local and regional levels. Thus, whereas newspaper and radio continue to be the most frequently used community media for obtaining news and information, a growing number in the diaspora are turning to the Internet for more interactive communication and networking across distance.