chapter  4
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Family eraplay: Connecting With Children on the Autism


A 5-year-old sits cross-legged atop two large pillows as he faces his smiling mom.  eir hands are entwined, clasped together. A second adult sits close by with a supportive hand on the child’s shoulder. As the mom signals, “Pokémon!” the child lunges forward, launching himself toward his “playmate.” Squeals of laughter erupt from the boy and feigned resistance from the mom, who says, “Push! More!”  e adult guides her airborne child to her chest as she rolls backward.  ey each take a deep breath as their eyes meet. “Again!” announces the child.  e second adult, the therapist, smiles at the parent and says, “You know just the way to make it fun for him!”  is scene may not resemble the expected interactions of a child with autism. It happens in  eraplay® treatment, though, and parents are integral to this hands-on, attachment-based play therapy.