chapter  9
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e Narcissus Myth, Resplendent Re¢ections, and Self- Healing: A Jungian Perspective on Counseling a Child

ByWith Asperger’s Syndrome ERIC J. GREEN

Jungian play therapy (JPT) asserts that children psychologically develop through introjection (internalizing beliefs of others) or identiŸcation (strongly relating to the values and feelings of others) (Green, 2007, 2009, 2011). Feelings, thoughts, and traits of primary caretakers are acquired (or internalized) as well as any associated dysfunction inherent within those signi¨cant primary relationships. Jungian play therapists o®er children adequate space in an emotionally secure setting so that their personal development (individuation), disparate from the beliefs internalized or identi¨ed with, materializes. Individuation characterizes a progress from psychic fragmentation toward wholeness: the acknowledgment and reconciliation of opposites within an individual (Jung, 1951). Jung believed children’s psyches contain a transcendent function, or self-healing archetype (Allan, 1988), that surfaces through symbol production.