chapter  12
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DIR Floortime: A Developmental/Relational Play erapy Approach for Treating Children Impacted by Autism


Play is a complex phenomenon that occurs naturally for most children; they move through the various stages of play development and are able to add complexity, imagination, and creativity to their thought processes and action. However, for many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the various stages of play are diµcult to achieve. Challenges in motor planning, expressive and receptive communication, imitation and ¨ne and gross motor movements are just some of the many obstacles that children with ASD encounter during play (Mastrangelo, 2009).  e Developmental, Individual Di®erence, Relationship-Based (DIR®) Floortime model is an interdisciplinary framework that enables play clinicians, parents, and educators to construct a comprehensive assessment and intervention program based on the child’s and family’s unique developmental pro¨le that addresses these core de¨cits (Greenspan & Wieder, 1999).