chapter  3
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Professional Leadership, Leading Well: Characteristics, Principles, and Ethics of Effective Counseling Leaders

ByJane E. Myers

A quick search of reveals over 62,000 available books on leadership. Surely anyone wanting to understand more about this topic has many places to search and learn. While there are both similarities and dierences in approaches to the topic, whether you read about the intentional leader (Shaw, 2005), the transformational leader (Burns, 1978), or the heroic leader (Cohen, 2010), whether the focus is on creating leaders at every level (Townsend & Gebhardt, 1997) or training leaders for the next generation (Penney & Neilson, 2010), several aspects of leadership are commonly discussed: whether leaders are born or made, the characteristics of leaders who are eective, and leadership ethics. Knowledge of the growing body of leadership literature is important for professional counselors, and we also need to be familiar with the emerging literature on leadership in our profession.