chapter  5
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Professional Advocacy: Being Allowed to Do Good

ByThomas J. Sweeney

All professional counselors enter the counseling profession with a desire to help others. More recently, this has been reected in broad-based concerns for social justice for all people, but especially for those less able to advocate for themselves or who are marginalized as groups within societies (see Lee, Chapter 7). Client advocacy inherently feels right to all of us in counseling, but especially to those who rst enter the eld. Advocating for professional counselors and the services they provide may seem self-serving. However, a professional counselor does not need to be in the eld long before realizing that in the absence of advocacy for the profession, the right to be a professional counselor serving any particular population can be severely limited by regulations or practices of other professions (Myers, Sweeney, & White, 2002; Myers & Sweeney, 2004; Sweeney, 2003).