chapter  6
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Professional Advocacy: A Professional Responsibility

ByCatherine Y. Chang

Advocacy, the act of arguing on behalf of an individual, group, idea, or issue in the pursuit of inuencing outcomes, has been and will continue to be fundamental to the practice of counseling (Chang & Gnilka, 2010). Core to this book and others is the belief that advocacy is a two-pronged concept that includes both client/social advocacy and professional advocacy (see introduction; Chang, Hays, & Milliken 2009; Eriksen, 1997, 1999b; Hof, Dinsmore, Barber, Suhr, & Scoeld, 2009; Myers, Sweeney, & White, 2002); therefore, the purpose of this chapter is to build on the ideas presented in Chapter 5, “Professional Advocacy: Being Allowed to Do Good,” and to operationalize the concept of professional advocacy.