chapter  12
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Counseling Practice: Schools, Agencies, and Community

ByAndrea L. Dixon, Brian J. Dew

Today, it is not just enough for professional counselors to have knowledge of advocacy and leadership principles. Rather, it is essential that professional counselors ascertain and implement the targeted skills needed to put these principles to work in their practices. Fortunately, many national counseling organizations such as the American Counseling Association (ACA) and its divisions, the National Board for Certied Counselors (NBCC) and Chi Sigma Iota, include the ideals of advocacy leadership in their models of best counseling practice; and although it takes fortitude for professional counselors to act as leaders and advocates on behalf of diverse client populations, it is now no longer just a call to the counseling profession. Today, as discussed in Chapters 1 through 9, leadership and advocacy are expected in our daily clinical work with clients across counseling settings.