chapter  14
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Leadership Training: Entry-Level and Doctoral Curricula

ByCasey A. Barrio Minton, Carrie A. Wachter Morris

In previous chapters, authors discussed key elements of leadership theory, practice, and research and provided recommendations for enhancing professional counselors’ leadership development in a variety of settings and situations. As Sweeney illustrated so poignantly in Chapter 1, leadership has been critical to the development of the counseling profession. In Chapter 2, Lewis summarized how key theoretical, philosophical, and research foundations of leadership as a concept connect with the specic orientations and skill sets of professional counselors. Next, Myers provided specic discussion and illustration of Chi Sigma Iota’s (CSI) Principles and Practices of Research Excellence (2009). Part I of this text concluded as the editors reected on their varied leadership journeys and urged readers to do the same.