chapter  1
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Leadership for the Counseling Profession

ByThomas J. Sweeney

Some of our challenges are from within, which has resulted in the counseling profession developing not as “one voice” but with strands, with some specialty areas dening themselves as separate professions while most others emphasize the core values of counseling with specialties as a secondary emphasis. Much of this debate, and the rich histories of the counseling specialty areas, was chronicled in a 1995 special issue of the Journal of Counseling and Development (Myers, 1995). e continued evolution of the specialties is reected in the current debate over the role of school counselors as dened by counseling associations (e.g., the ACA and the American School Counseling Association) and organizations such as the Education Trust (see Education Trust, 2003 and Dixon & Dew, Chapter 12, for more information on school counselor role denitions).