chapter  9
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New Modes of Delivery: e reatened Potential of Part-Time Undergraduate Education in England

ByClaire Callender

In 2011/12, 30 per cent of UK domiciled undergraduates attending English higher education institutions, or 436,450 students, studied part-time (HESA, 2012). However, until 2010, part-time provision and students have been on the periphery of England’s higher education policy agenda. Policy concerns have focused on those who enter higher education straight from high school and study full-time. Indeed, both government and institutional policies have perpetuated a rigid divide between those who study part-time and those studying full-time. This potentially undermines the contribution of part-time study to wider higher education policy objectives such as meeting the skills needs of the economy, widening participation, and supplying more flexible and diverse higher education provision.