chapter  5
Women’s and Gender Studies Graduates as Change Agents: Six Profiles
Pages 38

In Chapter Four you took some time assessing your interest, skills, and strengths in women’s and gender studies. We hope that you came away from that chapter eager to find out more about how others have used their degrees in obtaining employment and developing satisfying careers. In this chapter you’ll discover the range of career pathways and employment opportunities that women’s studies and gender studies students have pursued over the past fifteen years. You’ll discover a diversity of pathways-some graduates pursue positions that directly utilize and apply their knowledge and understanding of gender issues, whereas others may work in environments in which a gender and women’s studies degree is a benefit, yet not always actively acknowledged. There is no one model or way to use one’s women’s and gender studies degree! These employment paths are marked with trial and error, inspiration, passion, serendipity, creativity, and tons of hard work.