chapter  4
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Sojourning communities, ports-of-trade, and commercial networking in Southeast Asia’s eastern regions, c. 1000–1400: Kenneth R. Hall


This study is a continuation of research on Southeast Asia’s early economic history I began as John Whitmore’s graduate student at Michigan. 1 Consistent with this collection’s other contributions that honor John Whitmore’s career, my study has a connection to Vietnam. It addresses the Vietnam coastline’s early networked maritime linkages, not by focusing on Vietnam’s trading ports and their trading communities directly as John has done in a series of detailed articles, 2 but by situating the Vietnam coast’s participation in the wider South China Sea international and regional trade. This study highlights the era of the Song and Yuan dynasties, c. 1000-1368, when the Vietnam coastline became a critical point of intersection between the networked Middle East to China maritime trade and developing secondary international commerce in Borneo, the Philippines, and the eastern Indonesian archipelago, and the regional consequences.