chapter  54
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Ways of Seeing: Visual/Verbal Expressions – Caribbean Writers Who Paint: Kim Robinson-Walcott

Jacqueline Bishop’s book Writers Who Paint, Painters Who Write (2008) features three Jamaican writers who are also artists: Ralph Thompson, Earl McKenzie and Bishop herself. These three are but part of a long list of Caribbean writers who are artists, and artists who are writers. The list includes Roger Mais, Derek Walcott, LeRoy Clarke and Lorna Goodison, and there are many others. For example, Jamaican artist Namba Roy published two novels, one posthumously (1961, 1989). Jamaican master artist Barrington Watson has published a collection of short stories (1998). Celebrated Guyanese-Barbadian artist Stanley Greaves has published two volumes of poetry (2002, 2009), the first of which won the Guyana Prize for Poetry. Even V.S. Naipaul was ‘complimented on his “bold” style of painting’ as a teenager (French 2008: 61).